Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a Crime! - In the Shadow of Edna and Tolosa

After golfing on Saturday morning at Braemar Country Club, like clockwork, whether I shoot an 86 (great for me) or a 96, I enjoy a glass of Tolosa Cabernet with my lunch. Call it a simple pleasure - our lives should include some of these, right?

They do some nice pairings at Tolosa - call ahead.
Needless to say, when I had an opportunity to visit Tolosa, I jumped on it. Just a short ride from the amazing Cliffs Hotel in Pismo Beach, Tolosa was well worth the quick trip to San Luis Obispo.  The setting is beautiful, the wines are outstanding and they should be applauded for their commitment to sustainability.

One of the features that I really enjoyed at Tolosa was a little set up in the tasting room of the various aromas and flavors associated with Chardonnay.  Each glass is adorned with a different aroma - a really cool wine tasting point of reference - find the aroma in the wine. Best Tolosa wine for finding the aroma - the 2010 No Oak Chardonnay.  Really loved the 2010 Pinot Noir at Tolosa. Even better than the Cabernet.

Find the Aroma at Tolosa

One of the joys of Tolosa is the price. As a wine club member, I will be paying between $16 and $25 per bottle. Very palatable program.

So then we popped over to Edna Winery. Lovely place. The setting is impressive. It is funny though, when you ask the wine tasting room folks "Who owns the winery?" and they kind of drop their head and say "Gallo." 

Give credit where credit is due. Edna has some terrific, moderately priced wines. Loved the Meritage at around $20. Took two bottles home. 

Self Service "Pumkin" Patch in the shadow of the Edna Winery
After hanging out with the nice Gallo folks, we come upon this incredibly charming pumpkin patch right in the shadow of the Edna Winery. Self Service, four sizes of pumpkins to choose from - pick your pumpkin off the vine and put your money in the slot. What a pumpkin patch destination. As we stood there marveling at the simplicity, a car raced up, a young man jumped out - he ran to the middle of the patch, grabbed a huge pumpkin, ran back to his car, and raced away, screeching his tires and howling at the top of his lungs. You would think he had just knocked off a bank!  I have to assume that the pumpkin patch farmer has factored in a bit of "shrinkage."

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