Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten All Star Picks from the Bevmo 5 Cent Sale

The Bevmo 5 Cent Sale is on. When that happens, we like to pick some great selections – nice wines that become an especially good value during the sale (buy one wine at full price, get the second bottle for 5 Cents). as Fred Sanford used to say - "How do they stay in business?"

500 Gallon Fermentation Tanks at Kendall Jackson
 No other blog topic gets us more traffic, comments and feedback. Please understand - this is work! We buy and taste a whole lot of wine before we arrive at our favorite ten. So here it is – Our ten “All Star” Selections from the current Bevmo 5 Cent Sale. I have also added some images from our most recent trip to Napa and Sonoma.
Before reading about the "All Star Picks," here is something to consider from Julian Curry’s book, A Guide to Wine. Available from

“The important thing when reading wine criticism is to remember that what you are getting is just one person’s impression of a given wine on a given day. Look for a critic whose tastes agree with yours and put your faith in him.”

Kenwood Reserve Chardonnay 2010 – from Sonoma County - As much as we are all about the reds these days, you cannot resist the melodic fruit flavors (subtle) and the toasted oak – somebody used a blowtorch on that barrel. Bottom line – It will taste mighty fine with a buttery salmon filet. High volume production or not – the wine works. First Bottle $25.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Nice diversion from wine tasting - golf at Bodega Bay
Jekel Merlot 2009 – from Monterey – We will not turn our noses up at a very drinkable Merlot, especially at this price! We have always been into Jekel and this Merlot delivers the abundant fruit flavors that we expect from Monterey. First Bottle $13.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents .

Vigilance Cabernet 2010 – from Lake County – Nice, fruitful cab. I have been a Vigilance fan for a long time, especially Cimarron. First Bottle $17.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents .

Zaha Malbec 2010 – from Mendoza Argentina – Stepping up on price…I have always a lover of delicious Malbec. What other wine can offer such complexity when done well? Zaha delivers at $30+ per bottle average - with rounded berry flavors, even a bit of spice. Makes me long for the Malbec “bucket list” trip to Argentina. First Bottle $69.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Notalusa Nero d’Avola 2007 – from Sicily - How often do you get a taste of Sicily at your dining room table? Who knew they could produce an excellent wine (averaging about $7.00 a bottle) that works wonderfully with red sauce dishes like Sausage and Peppers, Calzone and even a Chicago style Italian Beef. This wine opens up nicely after a little time. You must have a few of these reds in your arsenal – if you eat as much Italian food as I do. First Bottle $14.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Irony Russion River Pinot Noir 2011 – from Sonoma County - Score! At an average of about $12.00 per bottle, jump on this one. I like Pinot Noir with everything from a pulled pork sandwich to sushi. Irony features those classic strawberry overtones with a little hint of cherry. First Bottle $24.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Craftwork Chardonnay 2010 – from Monterey – This Chardonnay is pretty easy on the oak – not steel barrel easy, but quite subtle. If that is your style, go for it - about $9.00 a bottle. First Bottle $17.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Hahn Estates Syrah 2010 – From the California Central Coast – From the land of big Syrah and Zinfandel comes this outstanding value that is easy to drink and enjoy with pork, steak and even pasta (I like all wine with pasta). Good call at an average of less than $8.00 a bottle. First Bottle $15.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Wine tasting done right at Miner Family Vineyards
Laurent Miquel Chardonnay 2010 – From Vin de Pays, France – This wine is an awesome deal that offers real drinkable qualities. Call it “approachable.” Super smooth without too much sweetness or oak – really just right. A little apple and touch of honey – that is what I noted. The price is noteworthy as well – get a case. First Bottle $15.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

Eponymous Cabernet 2007 – From Napa Valley – Napa has a price tag, but this Cabernet is well worth the fare. Napa is still celebrating the 2007 vintage and Eponymous deserves a place at the table, at just $35.00 per bottle on average. This wine offers you a chance to step up to a nice 2007 Cab for less. Check out the elegant aromas of this complex wine – coffee beans, chocolate, rich blueberries. The retail Bevmo price is a little high, but with the 5 cent sale, it works out to be a bargain. First Bottle $69.99 – Second Bottle 5 Cents.

More from Julian Curry…"Beware the myth that all wine improves with age; most wine doesn’t. It is designed to be drunk young and will only deteriorate with time. This is more so now than ever. In the past, wine had greater need of cellaring. Technological improvements mean that grapes can be harvested later and riper than they used to be, with tannin and acidity less aggressive.”

So there you have it – drink these Bevmo picks now and enjoy! What are you waiting for? Second Bottle is just 5 Cents! Send your comments, your feedback, your Bevmo 5 Cent selections and your own wine picks to

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