Friday, February 17, 2012

Twelve All Star Picks from the Bevmo Five Cent Wine Sale

In view of the fact that I currently belong to fifteen wine clubs, you would think that the last thing I need to do is go shopping at the Bevmo 5-cent sale. If you don’t have one in your area, Bevmo is a local wine superstore. This sale is as joyful as wine harvest time – buy one bottle, get the second one for 5-cents. There is a lot of harvesting going on in Bevmo stores right now.

Important Note:  Bevmo, unlike your classic warehouse store, actually offers some customer service.

With all those wine club memberships, I probably have about 120 bottles rolling in annually. Two key factors caused me to visit the Bevmo 5 cent sale, even with all of this wine around the house:

Key Factor #1: Some of the fine wines being shipped to me today will get better with a couple of years in the cellar, especially the Cabernets. Even the Pinot Noirs, like my 2009 Twomey will gain in complexity. Two or three years can make a big difference in flavor. At least that is what the experts tell you. I know how much I enjoy a 2003 Kelham Cabernet – smooth as silk – sits for three years in the bottle before it is sold.

I hear so many different opinions about cellaring wine that I honestly do not know what to believe.

Better with age?
In fact, in pursuit of the truth – I am going to ask some fine winemakers about the impact of ageing wines in the cellar, specifically, from my cellar – 2009 Trurchard Syrah, 2009 Twomey Pinot Noir, 2008 Alexis Cabernet from Swanson, 2008 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet, 2008 Nickel & Nickel Quarry Vineyard Cabernet and the 2008 Ferrari Cerano Reserve Cabernet. I will get the inside perspective for you first hand – directly from the wineries. Hopefully, they will tell me to drink it up now!

Key Factor #2: Unless you are part of the much talked about “1%,” you cannot drink $40 to $100+ bottles of wine all the time. In addition, who can pass up a great value? The Bevmo 5-cent sale has turned me on to some nice wines while the upper tier selections sit in the cellar, getting better with age – presumably.

While browsing the store earlier this week, I heard a young woman – early 20’s – complaining to a well-pierced and thoroughly inked female companion, “This 5-cent sale sucks. I don’t recognize any of the wines.” I stepped in to assist. “Ladies – read my blog this week and I will turn you on to 12 fantastic selections.” They looked at my cart – filled to the brim with wine bottles - they vowed to read it and return on the weekend.

Here are my Bevmo 5-Cent “All Star” Selections my comments and with a description diectly from the Bevmo Website.

Main & Geary Cabernet Sauvignon '09 - $19.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  My favorite value oriented weeknight Cab.
Bevmo:  Ripe and showy, the well-designed '09 Main & Geary Cabernet speaks clearly of the Napa Valley; black fruit predominate, layered and bright on the palate.

Zolo Malbec Gaucho Select '10 - $15.99 - second bottle 5-cents. Very drinkable Malbec - nice fruit.
Bevmo:  Made for real red wine lovers, the powerful, yet not so tannic and not over-the-top '10 Zolo Gaucho Select Malbec delivers black fruit and baked earth flavors.

Henry's Drive Dead Letter Shiraz '07 - $29.99 - second bottle 5-cents. Step up to this lively Shiraz. "Good grip?'
Bevmo:  The '07 Henry's Drive Dead Letter Office Shiraz displays aromas of cedar, smoked meat, game, plum, and blueberry; plenty of spice and earth notes; good grip.

Deloach Chardonnay Sonoma County '09 - $17.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  This is a steal.  Under $10.

Bevmo:  Drinks very easily, the ripe and smooth-textured '09 De Loach Sonoma Co Chardonnay serves up layers of fine textures on the palate; a really versatile wine.

Paso Creek Merlot '07 - $16.99 - second bottle 5-cents. You may want to pick up a case.
Bevmo: A well-balanced red, the sophisticated '07 Paso Creek Merlot serves up nicely ripened, red cherry aromas and flavors; firm, yet well-textured.

Kenwood Merlot Jack London '09 - $29.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  I have paid full fare before for this Merlot.
Bevmo: The varietally correct and delicious '09 Kenwood Jack London Merlot shows ripe cherry flavors, with a note of dust and sweet earth; lively finish.

MontGras Cabernet Franc '10 - $17.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  Maybe best bang for buck, but I really dig Cab Francs.
Bevmo: This red packs plenty of black fruit flavors, the '10 MontGras Reserva Cabernet Franc is an impressive wine; long and rangy on the palate; loaded with berries and wood.

Sonoma Hills Chardonnay '09 - $17.99 - second bottle 5-cents. Great value - has some character. 
Bevmo: Exceptionally wonderful, the multi-faceted '09 Sonoma Hills displays excellent stone fruit flavors that flash of minerals and ripe apples; persistent finish.

Silverado Vineyards Merlot '06 - $29.99 - second bottle 5-cents. Do not miss this one.
Bevmo: The Silverado Merlot '06 shows fresh & vibrant aromas of plum, blueberry & blackberry; the fruit is concentrated & layered; spicy oak in the background; absolutely delicious.

Ruffino Il Ducale Toscana Red Label '06 - $19.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  Buy it and cook some pasta.
Bevmo: The Ruffino Il Ducale is a fine, Toscana red; bright red fruits; an easy palate; and frisky in the aftertaste; bright red fruit flavors are quite supple and delicious.

Vigilance Cimarron '09 - $19.99 - second bottle 5-cents.  Under $10 - Are you kidding? Stock up.
Bevmo: An amazing red wine blend, the zesty '09 Vigilance Cimarron is alive with bright and fresh red fruit flavors; fresh, focused and clean; one our best red wines.

Stanza Cabernet '07 - $17.95 - second bottle 5-cents. At a Holiday Party with cheap wine, I brought this and people treated it like Opus One.
Bevmo: Impressive job from Lodi, the sun-ripened '07 Stanza Cabernet shows fine balance and style; plenty of tasteful, ripe fruit flavors show on the palate.

It should be noted that I enjoy these wines even when they are not part of a five-cent sale.  This case of wine has a total cost of $254.84.  The second case - just 60 cents.  For the reluctant young tatood ladies at Bevmo - you may now shop with confidence and enjoy an average bottle cost of just over $10.  Not a bad deal.

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